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Range Rover Evoque Launch

range rover evoque

Range Rover (RR) Evoque is the RR line up that’s targeted to urban younger consumers, globally RR carried a concept of Live for the City which will be adjusted to each region’s capital city.


To adapt global campaign of Live for the City – Live for Jakarta – for the launch with liberty to adjust the concept to local insights and create both digital and on ground activity under one umbrella message.


Collaboration is something that’s becoming more and more of a trend in the young urban generation, especially collaboration that carried topics about local social issues.


RR Evoque to collaborate with some young influential personas who already offered some solutions to different issues of Jakarta to share their story as we build up awareness closer to the launching event. All of these personas were featured in our video and invited to talk and exhibit their work at the launching event to mark the closing of the campaign.

Results and Learnings

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