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Ramadan Campaign

mini indonesia

BMW Group – the parent company of MINI – has this policy not to invest budget to do any marketing effort in Ramadan as the competition with other brands will be tight.

However, for Indonesia, Ramadan seems too precious to miss knowing how Indonesian people are relatively easier to engage in this festivity.


The all-time challenge for marketing department of an automotive brand – especially the premium ones – is to get people to do test drive, even better if we can get them to visit the dealers.


As cliché as it sounds, sharing and kindness are always the highlight for Ramadan. And a lot of studies suggested that people are more generous during this month.


Based on client’s experience, number of test drive was never picking up in Ramadan. How do we change that?


To link test drive, Ramadan and kindness by creating a campaign that’s relevant and easy to relate, without inquiring a lot from the audience.

Results and Learnings

300 KM collected distance.

More than 1,000 consumers’ data.

40% quality leads.

Double number of test drive.

*) Due to data confidentiality, the number shown here is not an exact number of achievement. The number of test drive is compared to previous years’ performance in Ramadan only.

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